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To read letters by the moonshine

The picture was taken on April 11 am 2:00, 2009 full moon. The weather was a bit hazy but no cloud.
The moonlight was gathered by a solar-cooker Panthaka-1.5 which is equipped with the Fresnel lens of the surface area 70cmx100cm.
Please refer to the ENEKAN HP for the details of the solar-cooker Panthaka.

The Japanese sentence, which is one of the very famous Tankas, by Idzumi Shikibu 11th century lady poet reads:

“We are apt to go out from the darkness to go into the darkness again, I pray the moon over the mountain ranges shine the way as we progress.”

The size of the paper is about that of a post card. The picture well reproduces the actual brightness of the letters as the eyes observed these.

Written by Shingu : April 14, 2009 10:31 AM

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