In the past 40 years, consumption of primary energy in Japan (and in most of industrialized countries) per person increased more than three folds. Have we become happier in these years? Family ties, joy of having vacations, unforgettable memories of good friends and so on, these we had all the same or even more in forty year ago. What have we obtained then, by the three fold increase of energy usage now? Easy lives with excessive foods, more leisure time and so on, in exchange for clean water and air, beautiful natural sceneries and so on. ENEKAN, a gathering of people of various fields of science and engineering, of business in various fields, of social workers, of house wives, of students and so on. Members are all concerned about or feeling ill at ease observing our extravagant consumptive lives supported by the exploitation of natural resources and consequent deterioration of natural environment. The primary emphasis is placed on the effort to face the problem from the very root, in other words, what is happiness of humankind. Everybody knows that affluence and easy life does not bring happiness yet the society is run, in fact, based on such an assumption. Philosophical yet pragmatic, serious yet amusing approach to this difficult problem may be seen as you read the articles listed in the following pages. Satisfaction is backward, progress of mind bring us happiness!!
Application for Participation(01/04/15)
The Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number of People(01/04/15)
Energy : Essential Facts(03/02/14)
Tractatus Illogico Philosophicus(03/06/15)
La felicidad más grande para el mayor número de personas(03/06/15)
Essay: The Value of Words(04/02/15)
Happiness as the Ultimate Goal of Cybernetics(04/04/15)
Energy, Environment and Survival(05/02/15)
Sustainable Development: how it is impossible and possible(05/05/09)
Foundations of Social Justice and Injustice(06/02/18)
Action for the Protection of the Environment(06/06/04)
El Valor de las Palabras(06/09/30)
Survival : Saving Energy and Environment(06/11/25)
Happiness: Syllabus(07/11/01)
Solar Cooker with Fresnel Lens Panthaka(08/09/07)
To read letters by the moonshine(09/04/14)
Solar Furnance Pantaka-2(10/01/27)
Symmetry in Music --- Mirror Music(12/12/04)
Happiness Memo 1-12(13/01/09)
New Circulatory Heat Pipe BACH(14/09/09)
Golden Ratio Necklace(16/10/04)
United Nations " Harmony with Nature"(16/11/17)
What we are doing by RQ and MA(16/11/17)
Entropy as the basic rule of natural and sociological science - Part (I)(17/04/15)
The happiest time of life: Entropic and intuitive answers(22/03/14)
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