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Solar Cooker with Fresnel Lens Panthaka

Solar-Cooker equipped with the Fresnel Lens has been developed in Wakasa-wan Energy Research Center based on the research by ENEKAN.This product was demonstrated at the occasion of the G8 Energy-Summit in Aomori June 5-8. 2008.
Panthaka is a Solar-Cooker using thin plastic lens (Fresnel lens) with special device, which make the easy one-hand manipulation possible. Panthaka 1, 1.5 and 2 respectively has the heating power of 300,700 and 1400 watts respectivey.


(1)Feel the great power of Solar-Energy.  One square meter of sunshine can immediately boil a bottle of water!
(2)High efficiency of heating.  Novel device enclose sun light in a tube to allow little heat to escape by reflection!
(3)Easy handling.  Special device of step-less position adjuster permits one-handed manipulation for sun chasing!
(4)Cooking pan can be set at hand.  Sunlight is collected through the Fresnel lens in front of yourself!
(5)Easy to carry and ship.  Strong and sturdy. Inexpensive. Immediate supply on order!
(6)Large-scale version can be manufactured.  3.3meter square wide one has already been tested!


Number of Pantakas must exceed that of automobiles of the world to save the environment!

Kyoto Energy-Environmental Research Association (ENEKAN)
603-8051 Kyoto-shi Kitaku Sakakidacho 54
Tel Fax 075-722-1223

Written by Shingu : September 7, 2008 03:35 PM

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