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The happiest time of life: Entropic and intuitive answers

Ms. Kane Tanaka (who became 119 years old last month) is presently the world’s record holder
of longevity. At the time of registration ceremony to the Guinness record two years ago she was
asked by a news paper man “It is a great honor for me to meet you here. Please let me know when
in your looong life was do you remember the happiest time ?” Kane san instantly replied with clear
voice “Now!”

Kane san looks equally very charming at 20years old and 116 years old in wiki pictures. Wiki reports that one of her hobbies is to pass time thinking about mathematics although she sepent her young days as common merchant .
Here is a tryal of entropic (mathematical) examination of the happiest time of life in general and the comparison of the result with Kane’s answer “Now!”

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Written by Shingu : March 14, 2022 02:21 PM

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