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Tractatus Illogico Philosophicus

Contradiction, infinity, and causality are three faces of one riddle. Pantalogos

Contradiction, infinity and causality are the problems, which have been giving wonders to the human being ever since the beginning of history. These are the problems of religion, of philosophy and of logic. The great advancement of technology based on the progress of natural science and the resulting affluence of social life made contemporary people think science and technology can take care of everything. Some people including some active scientists even fear what they should do if they would get the solution to the final problem without knowing what that problem is.

Our knowledge of these three problems mentioned above, however, is not much greater than those of the people lived in caves in pre-historic days. No one, including scientists and philosophers can answer what happens if one trace backs the cause of any event back to the very beginning. Such backward tracing is limitless. Limitlessness means the occurrence of the problem of infinity. Existence of infinity give rise to contradiction in our common sense, for example, a part can be as large as the whole as pointed out by Aristotle.

The natural science upon which we are dependent so much presently, one should aware, is founded on the process of reasoning based on logic. However, logic is constructed upon the proofless acceptance of the denial of contradiction and placing it as an axiom. No one has the proof why one can reject the contradiction.

It should be remembered that logic is constructed on axioms, the constitution established by man, just like?@ the rule of baseball prescribed by some people who invented such a game. What is the true rule of the universe, or, if it ever exists at all, no one knows. If there should exist a contradiction in the rule of universe the very base of logic collapses. Which mean all the proofs of natural science are nothing but an illusion.

This article tries to direct the attention of the readers that our dependence on science based on logic works only when we play games within its limit. However, when we face the difficult and subtle problems, it is not certain if we are within such a limit. Typical example is the problem of human survival under the imminent and serious degradation of environment caused, without any doubt, by the excessive usage of energy in so called advanced societies.

Illogical philosophy should give the direction of thinking and consequently the new way of attacking these problems.

Written by Shingu : June 15, 2003 01:09 AM

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